About Us

Bethel Rock offers "The Ranch"

An experience at a luxury rural retreat.. The Ranch has been meticulously put together to bring you back to the simple things in life; laughter, togetherness, and joy. Whether you are in need of a place to get married surrounded by the people you love, a place for special events in a scenic country setting, or a sprawling space to escape from the chaos of everyday life with your family and friends; The Ranch is your place.

Our philosophy revolves around four concepts: Getaway, Gather, Connect, Rejuvenate.

  • Getaway(n): an escape; 

       flee from your worries;  

       break free from the glare of your screens. 


  • Gather(v): come together;  

        celebrate your wedding with love ones

        collect memories with family and friends. 

        congregate with your church members, youth groups, community members;  

        meet with your business partners and coworkers;. 


  • Connect(v): bring together; 

       join with loved one to say "I do"

       bond with the people around you;

       unite yourself with the peacefulness of nature


  • Rejuvenate(v): making someone or something look or feel better, more vital; 

       refresh your body 

       re-energizeyour soul 

       reawaken your creativity and focus



The world is at our fingertips, yet, we have never been more disconnected. We invite you to remember the simplicity of life, and shed the stress that is weighing you down.


Bethel Rock Retreats gives you the opportunity to Getaway, Gather, Connect, and Rejuvenate.